Best Guess Mineral Mix

Best Guess Mineral Mix


A nutritional mineral supplement with copper and zinc plus iodine to help support optimal hoof, coat, hair and immune system health.


Formulated to provide the most commonly deficient minerals based on thousands of pasture and hay laboratory tests. Best Guess is a highly bioavailable mineral mix containing proven premium mineral sources.


The Best Guess mineral mix is ideal for horses where the intake is lacking copper and zinc or a very high iron (or manganese) intake is preventing uptake. 


Copper: has a role in coat colour, iron metabolism, bone development and maintenance of elastic connective tissue.


Zinc: has a role in general growth and metabolism, required for normal bone and cartilage development, involved in maintaining the integrity of skin and mucous membranes, hair and hooves and in wound healing and has a role in maintaining a normal healthy coat.


Iodine: has a role in normal thyroid function and is a component of thyroid hormones which regulate metabolic processes including hair growth.


Net weight = 1.016 kg - will last 6 months on the standard feeding rate for one horse.

NOTE: If you order 2 x Best Guess mixes, the postage cost is the same as for 1 x Best Guess mix.

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