The Release of Our Brumby Children's Books

Animals have always captured the curiosity of children and it is within these beautiful books that everything comes to life to tell the stories of Australian animals in their natural environment.

Our children's books are easy for young children to read and great for little hands. These books are best suited to ages 2 to 7 and teach how to read from left to right and top top bottom, skills that children need when learning how to read.

Each is beautifully illustrated with stunning photos by Snowy Brumby Photography Adventures with Michelle and Ian with stories written by Mandy Fanelli.

You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book. ~ Dr Suess

Our newly released childrens books have been written for children to help them to understand compassion, the nature of ecology and how fitting in with your mob plays a part in life's growth.

Our passion for nature and animals, especially our Aussie Brumbies come through in every page of these books, we know they will be popular and asset to any childs book collection.