We have a love-connection with all horses including Brumbies. Our online store welcomes you in, so stop by and take a look, we know you will feel the connection. 

Life is all about learning, a statement that is quite true. Here are HEW we have had a lifetime involvement in learning new skills and acquiring new qualifications, not all are human-related, some have been acquired with our equine friends.

HEW is a family-based business, we started this journey a few years ago because of our horses to grow our understanding of holistic and natural therapies with horses, after all, 30 years of being involved and practised in it does shape one's entire life, so we chose to steer that passion and put it into horses. 

Georgie is founder and owner of Holistic Equine World, 

she is the driver of the business and who has a passion for holistic therapies, her most recent qualification achievement is in Hypnotherapy. 


Georgies' daughter, Kaylee has studied and completed equine nutrition with Dr Eleanor Kellon as well as undertaking barefoot hoof trimming workshops with Wild About Hooves, both of these have contributed greatly to HEW's business. 

Dave is Georgie's husband, he grew up with horses, having a few of his own,  then also owning and being around horses as an adult, it a love connection that has never wavered. Dave a passion for photography, an interest he pursues when he has some free time, called Paddock Pix

We have a love-connection with horses and aussie brumbies are right there in the mix.

We have a cause that we have chosen to immerse ourselves in and that cause is related to BRUMBIES - Australias' Wild Free-Roaming Horse, we believe it is more a calling, a life purpose that is meant to for us to pursue.

Our equine friends have contributed to the building of this land, they have hauled logs, been to war with their soldier mates, used for the racing sector, pony clubs, they kept us entertained with movies, they are depicted on the Australian $10 note, they were a part of the 2010 Olympics, they are loved and respected for the amazing sentient beings that they are, and they are captured by photographers worldwide. 



We support and advocate for the survival of Brumbies, we contribute time and our efforts into Brumby Rescue Sanctuaries, Brumby Causes, Brumby Campaigns and other equine-related projects because their lives matter to us.   

Brumbies inspire me


Mandy Fanelli has partnered with us because of her love-connection with Brumbies. Mandy lives on acreage with a menagerie of animals and has always loved animals, she has compassion for them as sentient beings.


Mandy has a beautiful creative talent that has evolved greatly during 2020. It was words and each day as she tuned into the plight of Brumbies all around Australia the stronger the story of these beautiful horses impacted her.

Words began to come to mind, it was as if the Brumbies were talking to her, she heard their whispers and took action with writing them. Poetry was born coupled with an urge to raise funds for Brumby causes and campaigns she decided that calendars and children's books with Brumby photos along with her poetry would help to generate much-needed funds, and so Brumbies Inspire Me was born.​

Mandy initially started out as a self-published author, then along the way she met up with our team at Holistic Equine World and it was here that our friendship took a slightly different turn, we became a collaborative team because of our passion to raise awareness for the survival of Brumbies. 

Together we have been able to generously donate over $8000 to various  Brumby causes and campaigns and we are keen to grow that figure to make a massive difference. As our ideas grow so does our passion and we are now building relationships with wild horse advocates all over the world.  This is uniting, this is coming together and raising the awareness for all that we love about wild horses, it is their survival, their history, their story and our love-connection that gives us the inspiration and motivation to ensure these sentient beings are heard.  


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