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HEW, as it is fondly known, has a terrific range of products. When you buy from our business we pay it forward by supporting Brumby Rescue Sanctuaries, Brumby Causes and Campaigns.

Our calendars and books are stunning and feature gorgeous photos and beautifully written poetry that captures the stories of Brumbies living wild, safe and free.


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BRUMBIES Inspire Me is filled with verses by Mandy Fanelli and features stunning Brumby and Mustang photographs.

Stories of the Brumby and Mustang plight written in words that will stir the emotions of your heart. It is truly a KEEPSAKE! 

We are offering this beautiful book as a 

PRE- ORDER for a period of 30 days whilst our design team works on the publication. This is a LIMITED EDITION!  

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING IS AVAILABLE - send us a message for postage costs!
Our  Brumby Calendars & Keepsake Books
Are Very Popular 

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